Marimekko Syksy Goblet

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Marimekko Syksy Goblet
Marimekko Syksy Goblet
Marimekko Syksy Goblet

The Syksy wine glass is made of mouth-blown glass. This product is packed in the Marimekko Logo pattern box.

The Syksy (autumn) glass series, designed by Matti Klenell, continues with the exploration of nature and weather phenomena familiar from Marimekko’s art of printmaking. The overarching theme of the new series is the shapes of autumn rain, from a gentle drizzle to powerful, drenching downpours.
A sophisticated, nuanced, and palpable feel of rain has been captured in the glass products as an organic, relief-like surface structure applied to the surface in a sketched manner that is typical for the designer.

Marimekko’s glassware items are mouth blown into a mold. Being made by hand, they may contain occasional air bubbles and other small signs of craftsmanship. Slight variation between products is natural.

Main Material: Glass

Height: 11.80 cm

Capacity: 2.50 dl

Diameter: 7.50 cm

Care: Dishwasher Safe.

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