Marimekko Sambara Mug XL


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Marimekko Sambara Mug XL
Marimekko Sambara Mug XL

The large Oiva mug is made of white stoneware that is dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer proof.

Simple things are the overarching topic of Sabine Finkenauer’s art. The forms that appear in her work represent an artistic journey from the figurative to the abstract while still evoking memories of familiar, everyday shapes. Some time ago, Sabine found carved wooden pieces of an old chess set in the El Rastro flea market area in Madrid, Spain. Created with oil pastel sticks on paper, Sambara is a composition of a shape that resembles a tower. The artist's small studio is located on Calle Sambara in Madrid, which is also where she keeps the chess tower.

Utilizing simple everyday subjects and shapes, the artwork by Barcelona-based German artist Sabine Finkenauer brings us an interplay of representative and abstract expression based on repetition. Sabine’s exquisite art pieces, created by hand using oil pastels, are now realized using different techniques and materials in some of the most iconic Marimekko home products.

Capacity: 400ml.

Care: Dishwasher Safe. Freezer Safe. Microwave Safe. Oven Safe.

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