Redecker Loofah Soap Cushion - Oval

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Redecker Loofah Soap Cushion - Oval
Redecker Loofah Soap Cushion - Oval

Redecker's Loofah Soap Cushion has a dual function - firstly the cushion ensures your soap stays dry when not in use, because wet soap and water remain on the bottom side of the cushion, where they may be used again. Secondly the loofah can be used for dry brushing before a bath or shower. Dry brushing is a spa technique designed to remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, help eliminate body toxins and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Leaves skin soft, smooth and glowing.

‐ Vegan
‐ 100% natural
‐ 100% biodegradable
‐ 100% loofah
‐ Expertly crafted in Paraguay
‐ 12.5 x 8 cm

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