Normann Copenhagen Home - Curve Hook - Ash

Normann Copenhagen

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Normann Copenhagen Home - Curve Hook - Ash

Peter Johansen created the Curve Hook for Normann Copenhagen, in a contemporary style with references to the classic Danish design of the 1950s. He has taken the most basic shape as his starting point and subsequently adapted and refined its expression.

Vital to the design is the curve itself – clearly evident through the softly rounded ends and the moulded plywood. To contrast this, the Curve Hook has a faceted edge which adds boldness to the slightly oversized look.

The Normann Copenhagen Set of Curve Hooks includes mounting fixtures, screws and rawlplugs. It contains one of each Ash, Black, White, Petrol and Misty Green hook.

Material: Lacquered Ash Veneer.

Dimensions: Height 17.7 cm. Width 5.3 cm. Depth 10 cm. 

Max weight load: 15 kg.

Care: Clean with a damp cloth.

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