Mia Papa Maria Silk Scarf 90 x 90 cm

Kiitos Living by Design

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Mia Papa Maria Silk Scarf 90 x 90 cm
Mia Papa Maria Silk Scarf 90 x 90 cm

MIA PAPA's Aceso silk scarf is adorned with hand-designed floor plan of Panagia Scripou Church in Viotia, Greece. 

  • Made in Greece
  • 100% natural finest silk from Soufli, Greece
  • Hand rolled



    Ethical made pieces offer the opportunity to invest in exceptional clothing that have been consciously crafted and last forever. This summer caftan being 100% hand-printed in Soufli, Greece and hand-stitched in-house at our Athens ateliers, is a key piece for an elegant woman’s wardrobe.

    For Mia Papaefthimiou setting up MIA PAPA as an ethical and ‘slow’ fashion brand dedicated to sustainable practices considering both people working on it and the planet was mandatory. For this reason the brand has collaborated from day one with expertized local artisans who craft the entire production line by hand, from sewing to printing.

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