Mia Papa Circe Silk Scarf Green

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Mia Papa Circe Silk Scarf Green
Mia Papa Circe Silk Scarf Green

“Th'enchanting wand and magic bowl …The transformation's in the Soul” - La Fontaine

Like magic, it’s a top. Swish and switch to a skirt. Or is it a scarf tied playfully around your neck?

Honouring tradition and the art of embroidery, this print has been designed in homage to Circe the Enchantress. In wearing it, you will feel her perseverance and playfulness, ingenuity and intuition.

Also available: Circe Caftan

  • 100% Twill Silk
  • Handcrafted in Greece


Please note scarf in image is 140 x 140 cm. This size is currently unavailable at Kiitos. 

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