Marmelata Fig Marmalade

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Marmelata Fig Marmalade
Marmelata Fig Marmalade

Homemade from Fresh Kimi Figs. 

Bearing the aroma of Greek summer in a jar, this premium marmalade is made purely from 75% fresh Kimi figs from the Aegean island of Evia. Naturally homemade with only 3 ingredients, figs, sugar and fresh lemon juice, the latter gives it a subtle citrus undertone and serves as its only natural preservative. Its taste is simply superb!

Fig marmalade is known for its concentration of soluble fibre, calcium, potassium and minerals, never losing the properties of the fresh fig! It helps dissolve sugars and is recommended as a perfect natural laxative. Greek figs are nature's true superfood!

The perfect companion for any breakfast, a slice of freshly baked bread, or deliciously paired with a variety of yellow cheeses and savoury dishes.

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