Marimekko Pieni Karhuemo Oven Mit

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Marimekko Pieni Karhuemo Oven Mit

Gift yourself or a baker this beautiful and functional ambidextrous Marimekko oven mitt.
When not in use, hang it from the attached loop to brighten up the kitchen.
While cooking and baking, you'll appreciate the roomy yet functional fit and 100% cotton exterior.

Made from cotton panama, this oven mitten features the Pieni Karhuemo pattern, which is printed in Helsinki.

The Karhuemo (mother bear) pattern is based on a plant-themed sketch made by Aino-Maija Metsola for the Ruudut (squares) print created in collaboration between four designers for Marimekko’s spring collection for 2021, the year of the company’s 70th anniversary. Among the flowers and leaves in the original sketch, Aino-Maija added a bear with its cub. The ground is rumbling under the galloping mother bear, while the baby has reared on its hind legs to observe the land.


Main Material: 100% Cotton Padding 100% Polyester

Dimensions: Length: 31.5 cm Width: 15 cm

Care: Machine washable. Keep away from oven heating elements and open flame.

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