Marimekko Fabric - Pepe - Repeat 88cm

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Marimekko Fabric - Pepe - Repeat 88cm

The most colorful of companions perch atop a leafy branch and admire their little slice of paradise on the Marimekko Pepe Yellow/Blue Fabric Repeat. Bringing back to life Maija Isola's 1972 pattern, these fruity hues of yellow, orange, blue and green will make you reflect more fondly on your own surroundings when you display this design as a wall hanging or duvet cover.

Made in Finland from 100% heavyweight cotton, this fabric will prove as practical as it is pretty for implementing any project you have your heart set on. Wherever this pair of parrots lands in your home, the dynamic duo is bound to strike up a conversation.


This fabric is sold by the repeat.

If you order more than one repeat, they will remain intact.

Repeat: 88 cm

Width: 145 cm

100% Cotton

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