Marimekko Musta Tamma Tea Towel


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Marimekko Musta Tamma Tea Towel

Made of a cotton and linen blend, this tea towel features the Musta Tamma pattern.

Designer Maija Isola had a dream about running with wild horses in the forest, and was inspired to create this folkloric print. Fittingly named Musta Tamma (Black Mare), it depicts beautiful dark brown horses with beige and turquoise apples on a white backdrop. The equestrian design is featured on a cotton-linen tea towel perfect for drying hands and dishes. It can also be used to line a bread basket, wrap a gift, or even be framed as textile art. When not in use, it has a looped tag for hanging on display or can be folded over and oven door handle.

Main Material: 61% Cotton 39% Linen 

Side 47x70cm

Care: Machine washable. Follow the washing temperature given. 

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