Marimekko Kaksoset Tray 27x20 cm

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Marimekko Kaksoset Tray 27x20 cm
Marimekko Kaksoset Tray 27x20 cm

Made of laminated birch plywood, this lightweight tray features the kaksoset pattern. The reverse side of the tray is of a natural plywood colour.

The playful pattern Kaksoset, "twins", features a pair of big cats. Maija Isola created the design originally in 1970. 

Throughout her career, Maija Isola was both a print designer and a painter, and she often used the same motif in a painting as well as a fabric pattern. A good example is the pair of cats in the Kaksoset (twins) pattern, which appears in an almost identical form in a gouache painted by Isola.

  • Height: 20.00 cm
  • Width: 27.00 cm

Main Material: Birch

Care: Dishwasher Safe.

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