Fink Jug - Satin Silver

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Fink Jug - Satin Silver
Fink Jug - Satin Silver
Fink Jug - Satin Silver

Robert Foster's Fink water jug is an Australian design classic and perhaps the most recognisable design object to come out of the country. The company's first product remains its flagship.

Whilst the fluid form of the jug is an obvious reference to the liquid contained within, the shape is actually the result of Foster's search for the perfect pour.

Unlike the vast majority of jugs and carafes the Fink water jug doesn't go glug, glug, glug and it doesn't drip.

For these reasons and for its obvious aesthetic appeal the Fink jug is held in major collections around the world and is regularly found in the world's great restaurants.

Material: Spun aluminium

Capacity: 1.45 litres
Height: 30cm
Base diameter: approximately 10cm (slightly ovoid)
Care: Handwash only - NOT dishwasher safe

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