Dinosaur Designs Large Rock Cup - Leaf

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Dinosaur Designs Large Rock Cup - Leaf

Build a colourful collection of Dinosaur Designs Large Rock Cups. These classic tumblers are a joyful inclusion to all table settings and are best suited for cold beverages. Discover the Large Rock Jug and Boulder Coasters to complete your drinkware collection.

Dinosaur Designs resin products are hand made in Australia. Each piece is unique and we cannot guarantee you will receive an item identical to what is shown online. Colours and swirls are a guide only

Height: 9.5cm
Widest point: 8.5cm 


These pieces should be hand washed in warm water. Resin may appear frosted after washing and should be rubbed with a drop of cooking oil to restore sheen. All resin pieces are strong and durable but should be treated like a ceramic and are not shock-absorbent and can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. Resin is not fire resistant and so should not be used in an oven, a microwave, or used as candleholders or ashtrays.

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