Marimekko Puutarhurin Parhaat Coated Cotton

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Marimekko Puutarhurin Parhaat Coated Cotton

A festive table starts with a beautiful tablecloth. Marimekko Coated Cotton is a colourful, long lasting and machine washable tablecloth that completes any setting.

Coated cotton fabrics resist dirt and water, which makes them easy to be kept clean. They are at their best in everyday use as tablecloths. All Marimekko cotton fabrics are printed in Helsinki, Finland.

The Puutarhurin Parhaat pattern on this acrylic-coated cotton fabric is printed in Helsinki. Thanks to the protective finish, the fabric is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

The fruits of the gardener´s labours look lovely on Puutarhurin parhaat, a Maija Louekari design. The pattern brings the scrumptious shapes and flavours of the harvest to the kitchen year round. 

Main Material: 100 % cotton-Acrylic-coated

Ecru, green, black

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