Alessi Tea-Rex Kettle

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Alessi Tea-Rex Kettle
Alessi Tea-Rex Kettle
Alessi Tea-Rex Kettle

Michael Graves's kettle with the bird-shaped whistle became a design icon of 20th century. 2015 saw this famous Kettle reach its 30th anniversary and to mark this occasion Graves redesigned the whistle. Turning the charming little bird into a fascinating mythological and futuristic creature: an imaginary "Tea Rex" dragon. The choice of the dragon is Graves's reference to Chinese culture where these creatures represent symbols of strength and fortune.

Made in 18/10 stainless steel, with handle and whistle made in PA. The wording "Tea Rex 9093 30th anniversary" is stamped on the lid of the kettle.

Suitable Cook-tops: Gas, electric, Induction


Dimensions: L 26cm W 22cm H 23cm

Capacity: 200

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