Salt Water Sandals - Childrens - Lime

Original Salt Water Sandals

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Salt Water Sandals - Childrens - Lime
Salt Water Sandals - Childrens - Lime

The Original Salt Water Sandals are made from leather, and are quality sandals which have been specifically designed and manufactured to stand up to the sand and salt water that is associated with a typical trip to the beach.

They can be worn in and out of the water and will still look as good as new. With a retro feel, Salt Water Sandals have been worn for over 60 years withstanding a lot of summer fun. They feature brass buckles so they will not rust and a water friendly leather upper and breathable leather lining. The sole is double stitched with a vulcanised rubber outsole, and they look awesome with everything!
Toddlers  Kids
US4 - aus3 13cm
US1 - 21.5cm

US5 - aus4 13.5cm

US2 - 22cm

US6 - aus5 14.5cm

US3 - 22.5cm

US7 - aus6 15cm

US8 -aus7 16cm

US9 - aus8 16.5cm

US10 - aus9 17.5cm

US11 - aus10 18.5cm

US12 -aus11 19.5cm

US13 - aus12 20.5cm


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