Ayios Jacket Mauve

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Ayios Jacket Mauve

Introducing an exclusive collection you won't find anywhere else! Behold our extraordinary handmade jackets – a distinctive fashion statement at the forefront of the latest European trends.
Crafted for the ultimate individual, these one-of-a-kind jackets exude boldness and personality. Embrace the uniqueness of each piece, as patches and quotes vary, ensuring that yours is truly one-of-a-kind.

Featuring an oversized military style adorned with authentic army patches, these jackets boast handmade scratches throughout, adding character and charm. The vintage aesthetic is elevated with a colossal hand-painted patch, intricately embroidered to perfection. Make a statement and embrace your individuality with this exceptional piece of wearable art.

For images of the specific jacket, please reach out to our stores directly via phone.

• Acidwashed
• Vintage item handmade in Greece
• Oversized military style with lots of authentic army patches
• Handmade scratches allover
• A vintage unique giant painted by hand patch with a huge embroidery
• Features 100% cotton lining print all over with the ayios pattern
• Four front pockets
• Finished with a soft point of an ultra high definition collar with ayios tagline
• Arms can be rolled or worn long
• Dry clean only
• One size fits all.

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