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McIntyre Wool-Wash

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McIntyre Wool-Wash
McIntyre Wool-Wash

Made in Australia by cousin Kate, McIntyre's wool wash has eucalyptus & tea tree which are Australian oils used for stain removal & deterring moths. 

Fully biodegrable & for use in your washing machine. 

Always use the wool cycle on your washing machine on cold it's gentler on your woollies.


Use two capfuls for a standard 5kg load. Thats 15 washes per bottle.

For best results, dry flat on a towel once removed from the washing machine.


BOTTLE SIZE: 500 ml. 16.09 FL.OZ

INGREDIENTS: eucalyptus, tea tree oil, water, vinegar, soap flakes, washing soda, alcohol, borax, bicarbonate soda.

Does not include:Chlorine, synthetic fragrances, phosphates, or optical brighteners.

Tested on jumpers, not animals.

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