Salt Odyssey Smoked Fine Sea Salt

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Salt Odyssey Smoked Fine Sea Salt
Salt Odyssey Smoked Fine Sea Salt


Pure sea salt from Messolonghi smoked in beechwood for 140 hours.

The best gourmet, multi-awarded salt available is made by naturally smoke pure sea salt in real-beechwood for 140 hours, to create a powerful, intense, deliciously rich smoked salt.

Awarded in various different food evaluations and contests every year, salt odyssey’s smoked fine sea salt is valued for its deep, smoky flavor, its unique golden brown color and its phenomenal aroma!

The cold natural smoking process with no artificial smoke flavorings or colors added makes this wonderful salt ideal for meat, legumes, potatoes or soups.  It is treasured by vegetarians and vegans around the world for its natural, bacon-like taste and its intense smoky aroma which takes vegetarian cuisine to a new, special dimension.

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